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Because time is essential, we pride ourselves on being solution providers by having technicians on site within 24 hours to swiftly handle any issues. GPR technology, when used with a utility locating survey, can be an integral tool when used in conjunction with the experience of our certified technicians. As utility location solutions providers, we blend cutting edge technologies, experienced technicians, and our flawless safety record to bring the age-old construction business firmly into the 21st century.

  • Our Technicians are on site within 24 hours
  • Over 3 years without a Post Tension cable hit
  • Solution providers utilizing cutting edge technologies
  • Certified Technicians trained for all your needs

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Getting the job done safely is integral to our mission to provide you with the best service. Because we have not had a post tension cable hit in over 3 years, our record is evidence of Encompass Inspections being in a unique position to meet, and even exceed, your needs. Providing a quality service for a broad range of challenging opportunities, utility locating has never been easier or safer using GPR. Radio detection will always be a mainstay for utility detection and utility mapping services, however, GPR integration is changing the private utility locating field.

Hiring Encompass Inspections should be the first decision your company makes at the start of every job. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology saves our clients money on every project by reducing the downtime and risk associated with old methods for locating targets, both in concrete and underground. Utility locating is made easier and faster with our innovative technology methods. Being able to access data on site allows for immediate utility location and markings to be painted on the ground and photographed. Encompass Inspections’ knowledge and experience allows us to safely solve your problems, saving you time and money.

Our certified technicians have the experience required to accomplish the goals set forth by your company. Our proven dependability and exemplary customer service, along with our innovative equipment, combine to make Encompass Inspections the clear choice.

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Encompass Inspections Services Oklahoma

  • GPR / Concrete X-Ray – Ground Penetrating Radar is an extremely accurate, state of the art technology used to scan concrete in order to locate post tension cables, rebar, and conduits within a concrete slab. GPR is also used in void detection and is very safe and non-destructive, cutting out the downtime often required in traditional detection applications.
  • Video Inspections – Allows internal inspections of piping, duct work, and cavities via camera snake and monitor. This time saving, investigative tool also allows for marking of potential or current issues and documents data that can be recorded for the customer.
  • Leak Detection (LD) – Locates slab leaks, underground water leaks, and various other leaks by using acoustic and digital methods.
  • Utility Location (RD) – Locates conductive utilities with Radio Detection (RD) and marks existing utilities with corresponding Blue Stake paint colors. Metal, concrete, and plastic materials used in underground lines can be easily located, thereby preemptively eliminating many of the issues that arise when dealing with buried mains.
  • Utility Locating (GPR) – Uses Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to locate conductive and non-conductive utilities where the utilities’ origin/destination is unknown. The lower frequency used in this type of application allows us to locate targets faster and more effectively than traditional applications.
  • Electromagnetic Induction (EMI) – Is the geophysical process using a large antenna array to locate subsurface structures by monitoring changes in ground conductivity. EMI safely and quickly utilizes transmitter and receiver coils to send and receive signals to locate anomalies, using the data to allow mapping of the commonality of the conductivity.

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